What You Need To Know About Becoming an Entertainment Lawyer Like John Branca UCLA

If you want to work with musicians, you have probably considered becoming an entertainment lawyer. Here is everything you need to know to get into this career and find success.


Entertainment attorneys, such as John Branca, are similar to regular lawyers in that they help their clients understand legal agreements and ensure any deals are in their best interests. The main difference is that they work with recording groups, producers, musicians, songwriters, record labels, and composers. Therefore, they will be doing a lot of negotiating for recording, merchandising, publishing, and touring contracts. Additionally, they may hold conversations with new music businesses to ensure they are set up correctly.


Most entertainment lawyers make close to $100,000 annually. However, there is a pretty good range on what you will get paid. That’s because there are several different ways that these attorneys get paid. For instance, those who work with newer musicians will often charge a flat rate for reviewing documents because it is cheaper and more attractive. The same attorney may also have clients who need ongoing support and put a retainer fee in a trust account.


When you think attorney, you are probably thinking of a nice office with heavy workloads. However, entertainment lawyers often find that this doesn’t mesh with their clients. So instead, you may find yourself meeting most of your clients at lunch or over coffee. This is because the creative clientele you work with is more comfortable in this type of environment. In fact, you may find that you don’t even have an office and work out of your home.


According to the experts such as Branca, the main skill you need is being good with people. You want to be easy to talk to so you don’t upset your clients. You also need to be able to break things down easily. Even the toughest things will need to be made easy to understand for your clients. This means you are going to need to understand them thoroughly in regular language.

Another skill you will want to have is the ability to build relationships and make connections. Anyone can become a lawyer with the right training. The key is being able to network with creative people. This skill will need to be honed and developed throughout your career.

Becoming an entertainment lawyer is one way to work in the music industry. It involves helping artists and businesses understand their contracts and find favorable deals. Fortunately, knowing what you are getting into will help you work towards achieving your goal.

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